Maximum protection against paint, liquid spills, dirt, scratches & more. Strong & tear-resistant

Non-porous top surface prevents liquids from penetrating

Simply place on a clean surface, vacuum, roll up & it's ready for the next job



SurfaceLiner is a revolutionary product that could potentially save you thousands on unnecessary repairs. Roll out padded protection on just about any surface; Floors, stairs, counters & more to prevent liquids and other unwanted debris from penetrating and damaging the valuable surfaces under your next project.

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View this quick demonstration video showcasing the many uses and features of SurfaceLiner
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SurfaceLiner vapor is a nonwoven surface protector with a vapor-transmitting polyethylene (PE) top sheet that is impermeable to liquids and a non-slip Opticoat™ backing that provides safer working. 



  • VAPOR TRANSMITTING and breathable for hardwoods, stone, tile, and more.

  • PADDED for protection against scratches and dents.

  • NON-SLIP Opticoat™ backing for safer job sites.

  • PREVENTS dirt and debris from damaging valuable surfaces.

  • WATERPROOF surface for protection against liquids and paints.

  • STRONG and tear-resistant.

  • RE-USABLE material allows user to vacuum and roll it up for the next job.

  • MADE IN SWITZERLAND by the leading Swiss manufacturer of nonwoven materials, Landolt.




  • ​SMALL ROLLS:  39” x 54’ (1 m x 16.5 m) /177.54 square feet per roll

  • LARGE ROLLS: 39” x 164’ (1 m x 50 m)/538 square feet per roll

  • THICKNESS:  approx. 1/16” (1.8 mm)




  • Hardwood flooring

  • Stone and tile flooring

  • Laminate flooring

  • Kitchen counter tops

  • Work surfaces

  • Ceramics and bathroom surfaces


  PDF Downloads (click to download):



When Installing SurfaceLiner™
  • Place plastic-film (glossy-side) upwards to protect against penetration by paints and liquids; Do not pull off the plastic film. 

  • Overlap the seams by 2”- 4”. Tape the seams. 

  • On full-surface-glue-down installations, the glue must be completely dry and cured. Follow glue manufacturers guidelines on chosen glue for complete curing times. 

  • New finishes on hardwood floors must be completely dry and cured. Follow finish manufacturers guidelines on chosen finish for complete curing times. 

  • Surface must be totally clean and dry before rolling out SurfaceLiner™. Do not allow any moisture to be trapped underneath.

  • Never use on newly laid porous stone or tile floors. Rising moisture could cause stains. 

  • Covering up the flooring planks with sheet goods, such as Masonite or plywood, to protect the flooring from damage, while at the same time running the in-floor radiant heat can trap the heat and overheat or “cook” the flooring resulting in damage to the planks. Using the multi-surface SurfaceLiner™ eliminates this problem.

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