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Padded 98 mil protection from mechanical damage. Strong & tear-resistant.

Highly absorbent top layer with adhesive backing provides a liquid and acid proof barrier.

Directly apply to wood, carpet, paint, glass and acrylic without leaving a residue.

Developed by leading Swiss manufacturer Landolt,
family run since 1884.


"To protect wood, fabric panels, leather and all high traffic areas on the M5 S/Y, we highly recommend ALLProtect. Installation is easy, fast and much better than anything else we have worked with before. It cuts easily to fit any size and can mold around sharp edges. It has become our trusted source to protect the most sensitive areas of our yacht."

- Chief Stewardess, Sailing Yacht M5    


AllProtect for Marine application is a padded, non-slip protective covering for use on interior and exterior surfaces during building, maintenance and repairs. The backing is a PE film that creates a liquid barrier against spills, and it has a strong adhesive composite that leaves no residue on removal. 

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Important Instructions of Use, to be read before product application. 

“ALLProtect has been tested at various temperatures and humidities and shown to leave minimal or no residue when applied to common aviation surfaces including painted aluminum panels, wood finishes (including flat and high gloss finishes), acrylic windows, and plated control knobs (e.g. light fixtures, seat components, furniture components).  However, ALLProtect may leave some residue under certain environmental conditions and/or when applied to certain surfaces and SurfaceLiner therefore cannot guarantee that ALLProtect will be residue-free in all applications.  In order to minimize the possibility of residue, you must (1) clean and dry all surfaces immediately prior to applying ALLProtect; (2) test application in an inconspicuous area to ensure performance prior to applying ALLProtect in critical areas; and (3) regularly remove ALLProtect and check for residue when using for extended periods.”


General Warranty Disclaimer.

“SurfaceLiner warrants that the ALLProtect product meets the written product specifications provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.  In the event that the ALLProtect product does not comply with this warranty, SurfaceLiner shall, in its discretion and as the purchaser’s sole remedy, replace the defective product or provide a refund of the purchase price.  SurfaceLiner makes no other warranties, express or implied, regarding the performance or function of the ALLProtect product.  Without limiting the foregoing, SurfaceLiner expressly disclaims all implied warranties, including without limitation warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, in connection with the ALLProtect product.  Use of the ALLProtect product is at the purchaser’s sole and exclusive risk.  SurfaceLiner shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the use of the ALLProtect product.  Any claims against SurfaceLiner arising from the ALLProtect product must be brought under the law of the state of Colorado, in the courts of Colorado, and purchaser hereby consents to the jurisdiction of such courts.”

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